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Social Media Assessment

Social Media Assessment for Direct SellersDo you know where you stand when it comes to using social media as a direct seller or leader? Many entrepreneurs feel that they are sort of wandering aimlessly out there, hoping something works, especially direct sales representatives using social media. You feel like you “should,” so you do, but aren’t really sure you are doing it “right” or even sure you are getting results.  This can be even more pronounced if you are a Leader with many other obligations in your business besides the day to day connecting, selling, scheduling sales events or sponsoring.

Knowing where you are now with social media can help you determine what to do next, or where you can improve. Print the assessment below, and put a checkmark in the boxes that describe areas where you already feel like you are “nailing it” in social media,  and then put an asterisk where you might need some help or just aren’t sure. If you are somewhat new to social media you will get an idea of what you may want to put in place as you move forward. If you are a social media pro, you may see areas for improvement.

My Social Media Platforms

  • I have a strong customer-facing presence on Facebook via a business Page.
  • I have a well-completed LinkedIn profile with my business information added
    using keywords that will attract my prospects.
  • I automate when necessary or when it makes sense to further engagement, such as
    I may have my Facebook set to post to Twitter, occasionally cross-post from other
    platforms, or schedule posts when I am away.
  • On Pinterest, I have an appropriate mix of business and personal boards and pins.
  • I use Instagram to post photographs “in the moment” throughout my week.
  • I understand and adhere to the rules and regulations the platforms have set
    regarding utilizing social media for business vs. personal use.
  • I regularly receive likes, replies, and shares of my social media posts.
  • My verbiage and visual branding are in alignment with my personal and business      
  • I feel I am well-trained and confident in using social media professionally.
  • I attend social media training at our company live events whenever possible.
  • I have read and understand our company’s social media policies and always
    comply, regardless of what I see others doing.
  • I am aware of appropriate resources & tools I can turn to for additional help with
    social media.
  • I regularly receive leads that convert to sales and sponsoring due to my social
    media efforts.
  • My customers regularly reach out to me via social media with questions or to re-
  • I participate in social media on a daily basis while not neglecting other business
    building activities.

Social Media as a Direct Selling Leader

  • I have a semi-private social media site, group or blog for team support and 
    community building.
  • I enjoy creating pre-recorded and live video to personally connect with my team or
    prospects, creating a closer connection to them.
  • I know how to conduct effective public opportunity events online in a way that
    gets results.
  • As a leader, I include social media topics in my regular support/training I provide.
  • I feel confident in passing along social media best practices to my new team
  • I have sponsored in new geographical locations due to a prospect discovering me
    through social media.
  • I model for my team positive and professional online behavior both in public
    forums and in internal or company groups.
  • I provide ongoing training and support for my team in the area of technology or
    social media.

How did you do? Do you see what you might want to learn next? For the foundational education on your own social media platform use, I recommend referring to my first book, Social Media for Direct Selling Representatives and its bonus resources, or perhaps my private support group, Karen on Call.

For information on using social media as a direct selling leader, watch for my next book, Social Media for Direct Selling Leaders as you will learn how to expand your personal expertise in using the platforms to build your business and in supporting your team.

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