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Social Media Tasks – A Timeline for Startups

Social Media Steps for StartupsI am heading out to the Direct Selling Edge conference in Southern California this week where I am a presenter on social media for startups in the direct sales industry.

I have presented this program several times at this event and after an understanding of each social media site, it’s benefits and challenges, and some best practices on what to post and when or how much, I am often asked, “What do we do first!?”  With so many options online and so many tasks that a new company needs to do, no wonder if it confusing!

For example, did you know that you can build a database of interested people even before your website is launched? Use Facebook! Here is my suggested timeline for new companies with regard to social media marketing. I hope this helps! If you need my assistance with any of these tasks, or some consulting to determine what’s best, contact me!

Suggested Startup Timeline for Direct Sales Company Social Media

  1. Create initial branding collateral – logo, colors, fonts, background images
  2. Create an email list and lead capture form such as in Mailchimp
  3. Secure accounts on all social media sites to claim username
  4. Create a Facebook Page and upload cover, logo, 4-6 initial post images, and About page
  5. Create lead capture page on Facebook Page (use Contactme,com or link to opt-in website landing page if available)
  6. Begin posting on Facebook Page about pre-launch phase – build anticipation and lead to lead capture page. Minimum once per day, 3-5 is OK during pre-launch.
  7. Create and purchase Page Like ads on Facebook
  8. Purchase post “Boosts” on Facebook posts leading to lead capture
  9. Email your email list at least twice per month with updates on company progress
  10. Create other social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn Company Page, Google+ Company Page, YouTube Channel.
  11. Set Facebook to cross-post to Twitter
  12. As you begin to sign up your initial representatives, set up a Team/Consultant Facebook Group for support, encouragement and community building.
  13. Participate in direct sales specific Facebook Groups to promote your opportunity.
  14. Post Ground Floor Opportunity ads on direct sales/party plan/work from home directories
  15. Set up a weekly posting calendar, ideally up to 3 posts a day on a variety of topics, and carry out throughout the month. Post first to Facebook, and cross post to others.

Until next time,

Karen Clark
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