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Social Media Themes

I have found that there are themes to each social media platform. Each has its own flavor, purpose, and audience. Here is what I think. How about you?

Twitter is about SHARING

  1. Meeting new people through SEO
  2. Getting referrals through Retweets
  3. Sharing with like-minded people by following them

LinkedIn is about EXPERTISE

  1. Start by filling out your profile completely (with good keywords in your name)
  2. Participate in Groups – add articles, blog posts/news, discuss subjects of interest
  3. Ask and answer questions in “LinkedIn Answers” regularly

Facebook is about COMMUNITY LOYALTY

  1. Use a Business (Fan) Page in addition to your Profile
  2. Focus on casual social interaction for best results, sprinkled with business
  3. Aim for referrals and sharing ideas/tips that are shareable.

Blogging is about CONTENT

  1. Search engines love relevance, freshness, and links
  2. Your blog is an instrument of service to the world – be helpful
  3. Participate in the blogosphere, on your own blog and others

What do you think? I know there is some overlap. I guess in reality each one could serve the same purpose as the others but in general I do think they have these more dominant sides, don’t you?

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