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Submitting Your Product to Product Review Blogs

Checklist for Product ReviewsSending your product for a review on blogs are a great way to get lots of exposure to a community of people, usually moms/families, in a short time for minimal costs. When I was with a direct selling company I did this regularly for our company and to this day there are articles about the product that come up in the search engines and lead back to the company website.

Offer to send your product to a mom blogger who specifically offers PR product reviews. In exchange for receiving your free product (usually needs to be $50-$100 in value and can be a combination of products sent at your expense), she will write up an honest description about the product, your customer service, or anything she has experienced about your company throughout your communication. Sometimes they will even take their own pictures or video to include! This is great publicity if they have an active readership. Some but not all will gladly also include your standard company description or mission statement which may mention the business opportunity as well, although the focus is on the product.

The product reviewer will then post this review to their blog and share among her social media connections. They also love it if you share with your social networks as well, since your readers may be interested in their blog, too! Showing off positive reviews also adds to your social credibility!

In addition some product reviewers will also ask for a giveaway item to offer their readers. I highly recommend you participate in these as well, as having a prize to win will encourage comments on the product review post. For example, if you offer a gift certificate or a duplicate product that was reviewed to a lucky winner, the reviewer can then set a prize guideline that encourages further activity with your brand, such as requiring their readers to visit your website and come back to comment on what their favorite product is, or to like your company Facebook page or follow your Twitter for an extra entry in the giveaway. Since all the entries for the prize giveaway happen on the product review blog post in the comments, these helps the findability of the blog post (and your business!) in the search engines.

Find product review sites by searching “product review blog” and look for those who have a lot of comments and clearly list guidelines for submitting a product. There are some who do reviews but have very few comments – which indicates their following is low and therefore your return will be low as well! I’ve listed below some that are active and popular below. Need help setting these up? Let me know!

Note that the blogs I have listed are mom/parenting oriented blogs. These work great as moms are very vocal about what they love – and they love to share their product finds with their friends! This does not mean, though, that your product needs to be a child-related product, but it should be something that is family-friendly and would appeal to the blog’s readers, which are typically also mothers and fathers. When choosing which products from your line to send in, keep that demographic in mind!

The following links lead to each site’s Submission Guidelines or PR/Media Kits. You may have to scroll through a bit to find details about product reviews. Carefully choose 2 or 3 to submit to. If you do them all it will be repetitive and your leads will not be unique, since many of the same people follow several of these blogs.

While there, see what other offerings the blogger has available. You might want to hire her to be a brand ambassador or participate in events on your behalf. There are some creative PR activities going on among bloggers and if you feel they can provide exposure to your target market, contact them!

List of Product Review Sites/Submission Guidelines

Do you have experience submitting your products for a PR review? If so share your results in the comments or if you have any feedback for us!

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