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Take Action with Me on Your Social Media

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I blogged, I was having server issues – fun stuff! Luckily it is working just in time for me to tell you about a free call I am doing this Thursday to introduce an amazing 4 module course I am offering.

You’re going to love this FREE preview call of my Take Action Social Media course. This call is open to everyone, so tell your friends! You’ll learn something new, plus find out what we will be covering in the 4 module Take Action Social Media course so you can decide if it’s for you! Discover:

  • Why is the social media 80/20 rule evolving to the 90/10 rule?
  • What is social media CPR and what is the key to making it work?
  • How is social media marketing like “real life” networking, and how is it different?
  • What are the benefits of participating in a modular hands-on social media course?
  • What differentiates Karen Clark and this course from the rest that are being offered out there?
  • Answers to some of your most urgent social media marketing questions.

This call WILL be recorded, so register even if you cannot attend live. Be sure to stay until the end – don’t miss my irresistible offer!

Register for Take Action Social Media

PS: While you are in there take a sneak peek at the virtual course by clicking on the Home button!

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