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These are the Kinds of People I Get to Work With

Just feeling all lovey dovey today about my clients and wanted to share. Maybe you do not know what kinds of services I do, or people I get to work with on a regular basis. Besides sharing information here, on Youtube, Twitter and my Facebook page, I also do some online presence implementation and some virtual assistant work “on the side” as well as one on one consulting in person and on the phone. I thought I’d share something about a few of my clients so you’ll get an idea!

Ongoing Clients

These are the types of clients who have regular work for me to perform for them, either through social media or website updating, or sometimes even copyediting or clerical tasks. We come up with plans together and they also get to call or email me any time when they need something done that’s more urgent.

One of them, Caterina Rando, has been a mentor and coach to me through the years, and is also the publisher of the 2 books I am involved in. With Caterina I have a set retainer for a certain number of hours per month and within that time frame I work off of a list of tasks I’ve suggested for her to increase her online presence. She also has many speaking engagements and when appropriate I promote those for her through event listings, business groups, and online calendars.

Another ongoing client is Mary Radu. She hired me when her previous virtual assistant reconfigured her business model. With Mary I’ve been working on adjusting some SEO aspects of her current websites, helping create and edit fliers, and copyediting articles she has written. I also help with her shopping cart and ezine, and I stock her products and mail them out when she receives orders. She is on the board for an organization in addition to her business, and I help with their database and sending out messages to the members.

Telephone Consultation Clients

This is fast becoming one of my favorite ‘jobs’ to do. I get to teach people how to increase their online presence themselves without leaving my office.

Wendy Simone is my hairdresser and when I first began this business she was not interested in marketing online at all. She has a website for her salon but that was it. She didn’t email much, let alone use Facebook or Twitter. Over the last year she has done all of that, plus started blogging! She’s good at it, too! And it is all done over the phone. We set up a time to talk, and we are both at our computers from home as I tell her what to click on and explain the how-to’s. Occasionally I will do something for her (like the initial blog setup) but mostly she is learning how to do things herself.

One client knew that she needed to learn how to maximize her social media presence in a step by step manner and wanted some accountability while working on these new skills. Teresa Romain has been a business coach for me in the area of becoming debt-free and I was thrilled when she asked for help. With Teresa, we set up a regular call schedule on a short term basis to go through each platform. Over the phone I helped with how-to’s, do’s and don’ts for first Facebook, then Twitter, then how to integrate them all through Tweetdeck. By giving her specific tasks to complete before our next call, she was sure she’d accomplish much in a short amount of time.

In-Person Consultation

I often will invite clients into my own home one on one for private lessons, or to ‘fix’ something they are not happy with in their online presence. I also will go to someone’s home or office and we work on their own computer in their own comfort zone!

Susan Thurber has been visiting me every two weeks to work on various business tasks. We’ve created a blog together in preparation for her business launch, selling environmentally safe products and flower essences among other pursuits. Mostly we have been doing traditional business marketing tasks though, such as creating business cards, fliers, and product order forms. We make a great team and she has gone from being nervous about computer tasks to feeling empowered!

There are a few one-shot clients whose offices I’ve visited in order to teach them how to use Facebook for their businesses.  Many times people start working on Facebook for business but simply do not understand the difference between a profile and a fan page, or where to click to set their privacy settings, or how to sort their friends into lists. If they’re ready I teach them how to customize their Fan Page and integrate it with other programs such as their blog or Twitter. Sometimes they need help working on a blog someone else set up for them – without teaching them how to use it! Or sometimes they just need help editing their email signature or learning how to send out a newsletter. We accomplish a lot in just an hour or two.

Blog Creation Clients

A lot of what I’ve been doing lately has been either setting someone up with a blog when they never had one before, or converting a website or Blogger blog to a WordPress website or blog.

Tina Oscar is not new to having an online presence and already had a team website as well as a company sales website. She has a new book, though and wanted to have a place of her own where she could sell the book as well as share tips and ideas through a blog. I set her up with a WordPress blog and now not only can her visitors and customers learn from her on a regular basis, but she has total control over her site and can go in and add new things, or edit pages on her own.

When Cindy Sakai and Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura’s website service provider was taking too long to return calls and just really not serving them in general, Cindy asked about converting it to WordPress. We were able to copy the same look and feel of her traditional static html website into WordPress using the Thesis theme, creating an SEO-friendly website and blog that she can access and edit herself any time. No need to wait for customer service to make a change or add a new product. The Thesis theme means simple design changes a much simpler than learning html.

Facebook Fan Page Clients

One of the things I love teaching people how to do is to customize their Facebook Fan Page with the Static FBML application. You can create a custom Welcome tab, or tabs listing your services or even shopping cart tabs. But sometimes the process is complicated and people just want someone to do it for them. I understand that!

I specialize in creating Fan Pages that are search-engine friendly. After all, the SEO aspect of Fan Pages are great, so my designs are simple, but they’re effective. One of the recent projects is from Robyn with AnimalRN. To create her custom pages, we simply used the Static FBML application to copy text, pictures and logos from her regular website, over to Facebook. Within a couple of hours, she was good to go.

Variety is the Spice of Life

So as you can see I wear a variety of ‘hats’ and although these are just a sampling, I’ve loved working with every client!  Most of the people I work with are going from no online presence at all (or a very weak one) and are now showing up in the search engines. With people turning more and more to Google to find what they need, it’s important to show up there!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know some of the types of people I work with. Click on their links and check them out – they all have great businesses as well!

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