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© Paulista - Fotolia.comI have several free resources for you to use for personal training in social media and general Internet marketing. Take advantage of these and let me know if you need further help!


Tough Love Social Media – 30 minute free training call for direct sellers. What NOT to do!

Find Your Pot of Gold in Social Media – 30 minute training to help you get SALES online.

Interview with Street Smart Wealth–Jackie Ulmer – Listen to my personal story with direct sales and my perspective on social media marketing.

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Weekly Tips for Direct Sales Company Owners/Execs:

Download the Social Media Do’s and Don’ts Free Report

50 Ideas for What to Post to Facebook:

Leverage Your LinkedIn Presence Handout

Free General Social Media Training Calls:

 Take Action Social Media FREE Call Recording – Karen Clark shares her core concepts of 9-1-1 code, Social Media CPR and more!

Social Media Site Explained – 10 minute recording explaining the differences between the 3 top social media sites

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Karen Clark

Karen Clark, Social Media and Direct Sales Speaker.When she was an active direct sales leader, Karen Clark walked the walk as she sold, booked, and supported a team offline, while expanding her reach and service online. Now working with direct selling companies and their field representatives as a speaker and social media corporate consultant, Karen uses her nearly 20 years' online marketing and direct selling expertise to teach audiences exactly where, when, and how to establish an ethical and effective online presence with social media, while remaining true to their principles and personal direct sales business. Read more

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