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Hi everyone!

I see a lot of frustration out there with various technology, social media platforms, and computer programs. I know there is a big learning curve on a lot of these things as I go through that too! The difference is I love it and for most of you, it is a ‘have to’ not a ‘want to’ and that leads to frustrations, especially when things don’t work the way they should or take a lot more time than you thought they would!

I thought I would post today to remind you that I am here to help! Here are all the ways I can help you with your online presence. Even if you just have a quick question, or want to have me ‘on call’ for your own personal tech support, you really don’t have to try and figure this all out on your own. We can work through most things on the phone, at the computer, with my screen sharing tools if necessary, or in person hands-on. All you need to do is ask. 🙂 I love to help!

1 – Free help on my Facebook Fan Page – just post your question there and I will provide a quick answer or  link to something that can help if I can’t.

2 – Check my past blog posts, use the search box and see if your question already has an answer, or post a question or comment on a related blog post and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

3 – Participate in my Karen on Call Q/A Group Support. Join here to call into our monthly calls or video meetings and receive additional support from a private forum: www.KarenonCall.com Only $10/mo – a  real bargain!


4 – Bring me in to speak to your company or organization. If you’re a leader in your field and find that many of your team or colleagues have the same questions, worries or frustrations with technology, consider bringing me in as a guest speaker. I can speak on general topics or do specific hands on training, it’s up to you. This even includes tele-classes and webinars! Visit my speaker site for more information.

I love teaching, inspiring and empowering business owners to step up to the challenges of technology and leverage the tools available for success out there. Don’t let this be another year going by where you haven’t completed that website, blog, or social media site. And especially don’t let this be the year that your competition gets all the business because they’re already being found in the search engines. I want to help you, it’s up to you to ask! 🙂

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