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Weekly LinkedIn Tasks

Following are some recommendations I have for what/when to do tasks on LinkedIn.

Weekly LinkedIn Management

  • Comment in 3 to 5 places within LinkedIn – other people’s statuses, on Company pages, in Group discussions or in the Answers area
  • Post a message to the status update on the Home page, on your Company Page if you have one or to one or more Groups
  • Reply to any comments left on your status update or Group posts
  • Monitor any Group discussions you’re participating in, and reply when appropriate
  • Post anything promotional you’re working on to the Promotions area of the Groups you participate in

Occasional Activities:

  • Join additional Groups that serve a target market. Monitor discussions there and look for places to jump in and comment.
  • Request a Recommendation from someone who has been a client (get names from her)
  • Issue a Recommendation from someone you’ve used as a provider (get names from her)
  • Search for people you’ve done business with or who would be prospects, as long as there is an obvious connection – send a personalized message with the request. Use the advanced search to target more specifically.
  • Edit something within the profile occasionally, such as tweak the wording, or fine tune keywords, so an “updated profile” will show up in the news feed.
  • Give Endorsements to colleagues, clients, people you know by visiting their profile and clicking the + on Skills/Experience
  • If there is a live Event going on (launch, public teleclass etc.) create a LinkedIn Event
  • Look for ways to incorporate key phrases within the profile and Group postings – “business coach” or “business strategist” for example. The more often they are repeated the higher you show up in search.
  • Fill out sections of the Profile more completely – grab copy from your website as needed.

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