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Why Your New Company Should Make Social Media a Priority

Image credit: new direct sales companies are getting going, there is a lot of emphasis on product development and manufacture, back office and ordering software, creating training guides and programs for the field. Investment of time and money goes into creating the perfect compensation plan, a comprehensive website, and initial catalog of products. Photography must be professional, logos and other graphics need to be sharp, and marketing copy must be expertly written. In the pre-launch phase, companies will often create a landing page to capture leads who may be interested in hearing about the business opportunity, and they prepare for email campaigns to begin signing up their founding consultants.

One thing that is often an after thought should be one of the first thoughts – social media! No other task is more affordable, simple, and effective in helping a company gain qualified and interested leads, create an online buzz about your exciting new ground floor opportunity, and spread the word far and wide. If social media pages are created and effective strategies implemented early on in the pre-launch and launch process, startup direct sales companies can more than double their numbers in half the time because they are leveraging the networks of their networks’ networks! It’s brilliant and inexpensive.

When you are promoting your new company to social media savvy prospects, they expect to see a presence on at least Facebook and Twitter, if not Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. If you are blogging from the beginning, they will be very impressed! When people arrive at  your website and do not see social media links, they wonder if the company is really ready, or worse, if they understand the importance of integrating today’s technology in this traditional business model. They will want to know that if they join your opportunity, they will be supported in connecting with their personal networks – and making new ones – via modern online tools. If your company has not yet addressed your corporate social media presence, you may lose prospects to companies that have.

Building your social media presence is a service I offer to new party plan and network marketing companies, and it is a topic I am speaking on at the next Direct Selling Edge startup conference in early October. I invite you to join me in Franklin, TN October 2nd and 3rd, 2017. There, among other important topics for new companies, you will learn just where, when and how to establish your company’s social presence in a way that is smart and effective, from someone who has been in the trenches both in the field and at the corporate level.

Can’t make it to Tennessee? Contact me to start a conversation about how I can get you started with social media for your company.

Let me customize a package for you and you will be well on your way to attracting, enrolling, and serving your new field consultants. My most popular package includes the following which is what I recommend to all new companies starting out. Add training and more customization for my VIP package, or go for basic set-up in my Essentials package. I highly recommend that whether you engage my services or not, you take care of these tasks early on in your direct sales company launch and then dedicate the resources for someone to engage with your audience on a regular basis as you move forward.

Social Media Set-up – Premium Package

  • Facebook Page + 4 cover image (banner) options, 3 custom tabs/landing pages to direct to website, collect contact information, and lead to other social media sites. Includes first 4 posts so there is content when people arrive.
  • LinkedIn Company Page + Addition of up to 3 custom Showcase pages (product, hosting, business opportunity, specials, for example) on the Company Page.
  • Google+ Company Page + Associated YouTube landing page and channel description
  • Twitter Account + Cover image and custom background to match branding. Integration with Facebook (Facebook will post to Twitter) and initial connections
  • Pinterest Boards + Create 5 custom Board Cover images featuring the category titles such as Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Family
  • Instagram Account + Edit 9 initial images or snapshots and upload with appropriate hashtags
  • Written prescription of daily, weekly and monthly social media activity
  • Consultations to go over and fine tune deliverables or train team on use
  • Set up of scheduling and monitoring services such as HootSuite or Buffer
  • Enrollment in my Social Media training course for 6 months, to be used by the team member performing ongoing social media (can be started any time)
  • Optional (recommended!): Listing business opportunity information in up to 10 online “direct sales company” directories.

Contact me if you are interested in having us set things up for you. If you can make it to the Nashville area in early October, sign up at the Direct Selling Edge I’d love to meet you there and offer a complimentary consultation.

Come to the Direct Selling Edge conference.

What will you do to prepare for your prospects and new consultants or consumers who want to connect with you on social media? Will you make social media a priority, and reap the rewards through an expanded network of excited business partners? What questions does this bring up for you? Leave a comment and let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,
Karen Clark

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