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How Much Can You Write in the “Write Something About Yourself” Box on Facebook?

Every Facebook Fan Page and personal Profile has a box on the left sidebar that when you first start the page says “Write something about ______.” Click in that box and you are able to type words. It’s been a mystery as to how many characters are allowed in that space, so today I decided to investigate. I could not find specifics from Facebook so I just started typing in characters until it cut me off, then copy/pasted that into Word and used the Word Count tool.

You can write up to 242 characters in the “Write something about yourself” section of your Facebook personal Profile or Fan Page. Voila!

Now what should that be? This is also known as an “about me” or “mini-bio” area so write just that. Something about yourself or what they will find information about on the page. On your personal Profile I have seen some that include their favorite quotation or saying which is kind of sweet. On a Fan Page you are using for business, I would give a brief description of the product or service you offer and include a link (including the whole http:// part) to your website. Then on your personal Profile I would include a link to your Fan Page, since sometimes people connect with your personal Profile when really they are interested in your business.

I highly recommend for the info on your Fan Page that you include some good keywords. Fan Pages are indexed by the search engines and this mini-bio box is a great opportunity to leverage that space.

Try composing something in Word first, and using the Word Count tool to keep it within 242 characters (including spaces) including any web links. You can use your Info tab to Edit Information and be able to say much more there. The sidebar mini-bio area is just supposed to be a snippet!

Some examples:

Personal Profile:

Looking for my business FB page?
Owner of, an online presence training company
Area Coordinator for DSWA in CA
Wife of Greg & Mom to 3, in gorgeous Sonoma County CA
I LOVE my life!

And another:

Fan Page:

Training & inspiration for enhancing your business online presence, based on 12 years experience. Topics covered are social media, blogging, & SEO. Call Karen Clark at 707-588-9290 or visit for more info!

Want to share yours? Leave it in the comments below! Have fun!

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